The J-Lay ship Amazon, commissioned by Alewijnse


Alewijnse develops and improves high quality electrical and automation solutions in the maritime and industrial sector.

The work

We have implemented the complete fiber optic network on the Amazon. A wonderfully challenging project under high time pressure. We were bound by hard deadlines to get the systems up and running. Many different systems run side by side on such a ship.

Our role is not only to ensure that everything is measured, certified and assembled, but also to meet the time schedule. We ensure that the project is not delayed. This requires a lot of flexibility and creative technical solutions on our part. That’s what makes such a project fun, it’s not a standard project.

““As a system integrator, we have been working with Storm Systems for many years. Together we have already successfully completed many maritime and industrial projects at home and abroad. The choice for Storm Systems as our partner in the construction of communicative infrastructures is always an easy one. Not only the expertise is decisive, but also the quality, flexibility and improvisations. As a result, not only we, but especially our customers are happy with the results.””
Ben Bonte – Service manager
Alewijnse Netherlands B.V.
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